About us

Mesa Farms is a San Diego hemp company that specializes in quality Industrial Hemp Feminized Seed Genetics for industrial hemp farmers. We also offer our signature product Pet Omega Hemp – An ultra high quality wild arctic cod liver oil infused with our own blend of select hemp extracts CBD and CBG.

Pet Omega Hemp

100% Wild Arctic Cod Liver Oil Pet Supplement Infused with CBD and CBG.

Purest Ingredients

We care deeply about all pets wellbeing! No preservatives, additives, or flavorings.

Our Own Hemp Genetics

We grow the pollen that spawns the Non-GMO hemp seeds, grown in certified organic fields, which is then rendered into the most pure CBD and CBG by our GMP Certified Laboratory Partner.

100% Pure Highest Quality Wild Arctic Cod Liver Oil

We use only the finest Wild Arctic Cod Liver Oil imported from Iceland and Norway. This amazing carrier oil is then Infused with our own non-GMO organically farmed hemp extracts.